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This summer has been very eventful and our best one yet!

We started off our aquatic/ swim sessions with some new faces! The water was a lot cooler than previous years and the weather did not always cooperate, but the kids were troopers and worked just as hard as they played!

In June, we had the pleasure of doing our adapted VBS class in collaboration with Lighthouse Baptist Church! If you don’t know, Lighthouse is where I attend church and have an adapted Sunday School class on Sunday mornings during the 11:00 service. They are gracious enough to allow Wellspring to run out of the Sunday school rooms during the week and are our biggest supporter and cheerleaders! This fall, we are starting a small group for families with a special needs child so be on the lookout for that to start soon. We would love to see you there!

We ended June with a bang….WATER DAY! Fun was had all around and only a few of us got sunburned! Thank you Sarah Pond for helping to organize this!

July brought on a new journey with our first ever special needs family camp, Camp Haven! We had the privilege of taking 6 families to Gulf Shores State Park for 4 days. There we played games, did crafts, got to see a live reptile show, scavenger hunts, beach time, star gazing, paddle boarding, and much more! The best time was watching all the families get to know each other, the kids playing together, and by the end we were like one big family! It truly was life changing for me and I am forever grateful 1) for the donors and volunteers who helped make it happen and 2) for the families who took a chance on my crazy vision to go with us! We can’t wait to go back next year and and hopefully will be able to take even more families. Be on the lookout for announcements regarding next year to come soon, as we are already working on plans for next year.

As we move forward for the second half of the year, I want to take the time to pause and reflect on all God has done. I am always amazed at the times that He not only shows up but shows out! When I left my steady job with a steady income, I had a plan but truly had no idea how my family would not only make ends meet but also support a new business. There have been ups and downs, but we have been able to grow consistently allowing us to reach and support more and more families. This summer, we have seen so many new faces come to our programs and events with an excitement to come back for more. I have seen communities come together to help buy a kid their first bike and then the joy of that child receiving their very first bike of their own. I have seen families come alongside each other to love on and support one another. I have seen kids of all ages and abilities praying and worshiping together. That is what it is all about! The therapy part of it is just a tip of the iceberg! God has so much more planned for Wellspring!


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"Camp Haven was such an awesome experience and I’m so glad we were invited to go! Beth had each day planned out and it made everything go smoothly.My favorite thing I would have to say was paddle boarding with my daughter for the first time ever, so thankful I was able to do that with her! We were able to meet other families and to me it just felt like a big ‘ol’ family reunion! Everyone was so nice and made it very comfortable to be around even though it was some of our first time ever meeting each. I can’t leave out how wonderful Beth’s parents and in-laws were cooking a lot of our meals and worked very hard at doing it. The camp area was amazing and it felts like we were all having a big slumber party but we all usually went to bed around 9:30 because we were tired from the busy day! Can’t wait to go back next year!!"

Jill Woods

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