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Celebrating our Rare Friends this Spring

Spring has been so busy and we have so much to celebrate and catch up on!

February 28 was Rare Disease Awareness Day! On this day, we celebrated all of our kiddos who have a rare diagnosis that makes them extra special! Make sure you stick around to the bottom of the blog to see Jonathan's story.

March 21, we celebrated our friends with Down Syndrome and all the joy they bring to our lives!

Unfortunately our Easter egg hunt was canceled due to weather, but we still got to have a hunt in therapy and Sunday School on Easter Sunday!

This time of year is my favorite time of year! It is filled with so much hope that can be seen all around. As I look around, I see all the flowers blooming and the new growth coming in on the trees. It gives me hope and promises for the future that no matter how far I stray or am dead inside, with Christ, I can become new. I can do this only through Him and due to His sacrifice on the cross.

We have been so busy working on the activities we have coming up! Family camp, Macon Bacon night, VBS, Fitness Camp, and much much more! Also, our ADA accessible swing will be available soon. Make sure you check them out on our events page. We hope to bring families together with a common interest, a child with special needs, and offer support and love to each other. Also, our ADA accessible swing will be available soon thanks to some very generous sponsors.

These past months have made me so grateful for the community we live in. We have a GREAT community that has pulled together to offer more and more to these special kiddos! Abundant Grace Church just held a special needs photo shoot to remake school photos and make sure each kid had what they needed to make picture time successful! Beyond Measure has been sponsoring adapted sports days and other events to kiddos with special needs! Make sure to keep supporting and taking advantage of these opportunities to keep them coming and help to spread the word!

Finally, please pray about becoming a sponsor or donor. Below, is the form to become a sponsor for camp. You can also go to Wellspring Wellness Center Inc - Wellspring Kidz 2023 ( to sign up to become a recurring donor to continue to help bring programs to kids with Special Needs.

Love in Christ,

Beth Bryan


Prader what??? When I received my son’s diagnosis at 10 month’s of age I thought my world and his were ending. It was absolutely devastating. The information I received from the World Wide Web didn't help either well some did but you know what I mean!! Jonathan was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome a rare genetic disorder. After the initial grief stage which I felt like lasted an eternity and still creeps up at times I got to work. Finding doctors who were knowledgeable about this syndrome and finding support were of utmost importance.

The rest is history as we still navigate our course in this journey which has twists and turns and ups and downs. What I have learned these past 14 years is that Jonathan HAS Prader-Willi syndrome. PWS does NOT have him!

He is amazing in every possible way!! He has taught me so much about myself and the world around me.

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

Marina Jones

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